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Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Have you ever had an opportunity to press the reset button on your life? No? Well now might well be the time. Like many of you reading this article, the last 15 months have been a shocker, an eye opener, a fright or just a wake up call.

It has taught me that you, me and everyone has a unique and rare opportunity to press the reset button on our life. A chance to re-evaluate where you are in life, your position at work or even in the world, the chance to revisit your values, dreams and aspirations or address any personal failings or misgivings you may have experienced. A chance to step up and move forward on your own terms.

When have you ever had such an opportunity? I have been in business for six years. The first five were amazing, the one just gone was a nightmare, well, that’s what I thought at first. It actually pushed me to the edge and when faced with the end, it’s good to start at the beginning and ask yourself: “what are you good at” and “what can you offer the world and not just your industry”?

I did just that and surprised myself. I learnt how to build a website (yes, I had plenty of time on my hands). I got so proficient, I built another, then another, the latest for a restaurant business, who are over the moon with it. Not bad for a non-website developer.

I’ve always been quite good with words, creative and enthusiastic and believe the best written material engages the reader. I offered to do some copywriting for a friend who has a very exciting wellness business but didn’t have a website and story to match. I’ve rewritten his website copy and write a monthly blog for his CBD business now. He was amazed at the impact that positive language has!

I'm sure you'll agree that all business presentations should look slick and ‘on point’ in order to help deliver a new business concept. I’ve worked with several entrepreneurs who all needed help producing market leading presentation decks to sell their concepts. Fresh eyes and an obsessive eye for detail made all the difference. A small investment is now more likely to help them achieve a big investment!

I’ve been coaching people in hospitality for years, yet lockdown pushed me to venture outside of my comfort zone. Though truth be told, leadership and world class customer service is a universal language and not exclusively for the hospitality industry. I jumped at the opportunity to coach an operations manager of a property business, who also agreed to press the reset button, six months on she’s about to be promoted to Director. The question is how good do you want to be?

I’m fortunate to work with brilliant individuals and brands alike that want to improve themselves and their teams. Individuals that are strong enough to press the reset button and business owners that recognise that to go from good to great everyone needs a helping hand from time to time.

When hospitality re-opened its doors once again in April, I was asked if I knew a motivational speaker, maybe someone who had climbed Everest of something similar. I asked the caller what his objective was, to which he replied, ‘To help re-engage a workforce after a tough lockdown, so that they can fall in love with hospitality once again.” I told him he didn’t need a mountain climber, he needed me! I explained my Theory of Love, a theory that outlines that to be successful in business you need to have four loves. You must love your customers, love your team, love your business and love yourself and if you can apply consistent and unconditional love in all 4 then success is all but guaranteed. I had one call, one opportunity and I seized it. I got the gig and had the privilege of inspiring a team from an iconic restaurant group and more importantly a lot of people questioning their place in an industry that has been battered by Covid, an industry I love.

I was beginning to see an end to this Covid nightmare. I was then asked to spend a day with a senior team of a Bingo business. I know what you’re thinking, what the hell do I know about Bingo, I don’t, but I know about people, I know how hard the last 12 months have been and the opportunities they present.

They enjoyed the message I was sharing so much that they asked me to share it with the entire business. Then came a night club business, nope I’ve never worked in a night club, but I know how important a great night out is and the value of the work these bar managers do. So I shared more theories from 30 years in the industry and low and behold a member of the audience just happened to be one of the most significant and influential entrepreneurs in the industry. So I took another opportunity and asked for a testimonial for my website, to which he duly obliged…

"Andrew was a terrific MC for our manager event at Brighton Pier Group. He was full of strong ideas and injected huge energy into the room. I have attended many such seminars over the years, and this was one of the most productive and inspiring. I strongly recommend him and 10 Hospitality for any such occasion.” Luke Johnson - Risk Capital Partners

So who is this is the show off you read about? I’m not a show off. I’m just a positive, hugely optimistic, hospitality enthusiast that doesn’t quit and if some of my belief and passion rubs off on the people I have the good fortune to meet then that’s enough.

You should never give up, never accept the status quo and never say never. Seize the day, take the opportunity to press the reset button to be better than you’ve ever been before. You just might surprise yourself. Now I’m off to teach people about a Battle Bar, no I’ve not done that before either.

Need inspiration, training, coaching or motivation? Call me. AK 07989 984411 Read more at

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