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Coaching & mentoring

Are you, your Heads of Department, Managers or Team Leaders struggling to get your message across? Fed up with non-compliant team members not taking your agenda seriously? Lacking the extra drive to perform at your best due to the current economic challenges or maybe just need an outsider to brainstorm new initiatives?

One 2 One coaching and mentoring with 10 Hospitality, at regular intervals, allows you to discuss the most pressing areas of your business, frustrations or specific areas where you would like advice, guidance, support or encouragement.

Confidential time spent with an external expert to take a closer look at current reality. Allowing the freedom to think more freely, be asked the questions that may not have been asked and the confidence to set clear personal and team goals.

From CEO to newly promoted management, talking, listening and brainstorming ideas and strategy with someone that really understands the hospitality and service sector can be reassuring, motivational and very effective. Discover a renewed sense of empowerment, unlock hidden potential, develop, build and strengthen your leadership prowess and have a positive impact with every team encounter.

121 time with a coach/mentor adds the often much needed extra perspective, an extra push when the going gets tough. Coaching enabling you to develop new skills to help enhance both personal and business reputation.

"Andrew's greatest quality is his ability to inspire
and ignite passion in others."
Russel Joffe - Founder of giraffe Restaurants
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