"​​​​Andrew’s colossal energy and sector experience makes him the perfect fit to be training the Loungers and Cosy Club massive. Having experienced his training days first hand, I can say they are impressive, energetic, fun and importantly, tailored to be spot on point.

Jake Bishop, Managing Director, Loungers

​"He transformed our approach to hiring and training, guiding us through the process of what the brand needed and how to achieve it.  Andrew does this with a contagious energy and enthusiasm, which is very difficult to find. He gets what matters and what makes good restaurants great through service."  

Paul Hemmings, Founder, Bird Restaurants


The team have responded really well to Andrew's approach. Productivity and motivation has increased beyond what even I could have imagined. His ongoing commitment as a mentor has given us the assurance and peace of mind to work on new initiatives that will benefit our growth plans immensely.

Lester Leviton, CEO, Rent Connect

"Andrew has collaborated with us brilliantly to deliver inspirational courses with our Managers, to help them recruit, engage and retain talent.  AK's sessions are fun and thought provoking and by using his experience in the hospitality industry, he has really connected with our Managers and influenced them to do things differently.  AK is a fantastic partner for the Jamie Oliver Restaurant Group and working with him is an absolute joy!" 
Stacy Schapira - Chief People Officer, Jamie Oliver Restaurant Group​

"10 Hospitality were amazing. Andrew really got to grips with what we needed as a business and he executed it perfectly. He helped us create and define our company's business ethos and values. Andrew just gets hospitality and it was a pleasure working with him." 

Ed Barry - Founder, Over Under Coffee 

"Andrew’s knowledge, passion and ability to motivate and inspire a team is second to none.  He always gives 100% and lives and breathes hospitality. He is relentless in his pursuit for excellence and is without question one of the best in our industry."  
Avron Alhadeff - Managing Director, Granger & Co

"Andrew’s energy and his ability to communicate, motivate and facilitate meant that giraffe became a brand famed for its first class hospitality. He turned managers in to leaders and left lasting impressions on many careers." 

Paul Viner - CEO Feng Sushi ​ 

"We were introduced to AK back in 2016 and have been working closely with him ever since. His impact on Roxie has been immeasurable. He has improved the team’s performance, our culture, our sales and our reputation, so much so our hospitality is now mentioned in every customer review."​ 

Sue Hollway - Founder, Roxie Steak 

​"10 Hospitality was recommended to me by a colleague who had attended one of Andrew's energetic training sessions. Andrew is an amazing enterprise performance consultant, trainer and facilitator. His presentation and facilitation skills are second to none.              
​Magda Daszkowska - Head of Training & Development, Pho

“You have been amazing. You have done exactly what you said you would do... and way more. Nothing has ever been too much. You lead, inspire, motivate and encourage all who have the good fortune of coming your way.  You do so by great delivery, humour, deep professionalism, engagement with all members of the team and their very different personalities, you do so by experience, and you do so by example.” ​                Robert Agsteribbe - Owner, Bliss Hotels​​